A new rhythm…

I ran into a friend while out and about and she asked how I was doing with “the adoption stuff”. The previous week had been difficult, with the hope of a potential match not brought to fruition. There are two sides of the coin of emotion: intense longing to be a mom (and dad) and being sad each day because that’s not the case yet, and also a welling up of excitement and thrill for what we are a part of, what we hope for. Often, often, that is hard to put into words while also providing information about where we’re at in the adoption process. For some reason, when she asked me, the words came to describe this season: a new rhythm.

With the agency we’re working with, this is what being “active” looks like. Every now and then we receive an email from them with a “situation” or two, or four. A situation is some basic details about an expectant mother. Ethnicity, number of children, gender of the baby she’s carrying if she knows, and due date. We are then to consider the situation and then respond with whether or not we want to be “presented”, or have our profile book shared with this sweet woman. And then… we wait. We wait and we pray for this woman of whom we know few, but precious details about.  Then we get an email or a call letting us know if she chose us, chose someone else, or has decided to parent the baby. Or as we have come to find out, that no further details will be offered.

Not all agencies work this way. And it’s definitely an emotional way to go about it. However, there’s also something about it that feels very human-on-human contact. Which is totally appropriate with adoption. We have read about five different situations. Five different souls in one of the most crucial seasons of their lives. And we get to think of them. Talk to Jesus about them. Ask for good things for them. Hope for them. Hope for us.

Part of our hope, and we invite you to hope with us:
“All your children shall be taught by the Lord,
And great shall be the peace of your children.”
Isaiah 54:13

This is the rhythm in which you will find us, until we have welcomed a baby into our arms, hearts, lives…. home.


Thank you for being with us. We feel you.


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  1. Gret Machlan September 19, 2015 at 6:58 am - Reply

    Praying for you both and these rhythms. I recently read a book that reflects on the “law of love” and the ideal when the flow of love is not interupted (i.e. by fear). May your deep desire continue to flow as its intended. It’s there for great reasons. Blessings!

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