Redirection on the journey

They say adoption is a journey. It’s not a straight route, and we aren’t really able to predict what comes next. But it’s precious when many come alongside and sacrifice so that the journey is a little bit easier. It’s always great when someone can say they’ve been there before (and really have) and give some helpful advice (with compassion). And it’s not too surprising when you realize you may need to change directions entirely.  Such has been the last month of our journey.

As you probably know, we set up a fundraising page to raise the daunting amount of $6600 to start our home study and contract with our (at the time) selected agency. For Jon and I, asking for financial partnership is kinda like asking someone out on a date. It can be equal parts awkward, embarrassing, with potential for rejection. But the hope of that partnership makes the step of faith possible. We have been overwhelmed by the response. We have received $3,810 through our online fundraising page and $1400 directly given!  Total: $5210. Adding what Jon and I have saved and set aside, we are over our initial goal of $6600! Already!? Yes, already! Our Father God is gracious and kind. As are our friends and family.

I was able to meet with a woman named Abby who has adopted domestically three times. She is passionate about adoption and very knowledgable about the steps involved. Honestly, I didn’t know what I didn’t know until talking to Abby. The time with her brought a lot of comfort and peace. She gave me names of a number of local agencies that she could personally recommend, answered questions, and shared her stories.  A seed of hope was planted. Not that this journey would be easier, or more predictable, or faster, or anything. But that it is attainable. And more attainable than it felt at the time that I sat down for tea and coffee with her. (Again, grace upon grace).

Jon and I began to ask ourselves some questions and evaluating our plan to contract with the agency requesting such a large amount upfront. (Disclaimer: we have nothing negative to report about that agency. No wrong has been done to us.) As we asked questions, prayed, followed up on gut instincts and wisdom from others, we sensed a change of directions occurring.  We no longer plan to contract with that agency, but rather pursue some local routes of adopting domestically.

What this means:

1.) The home study remains a priority, needing to be completed before much else can happen. Our paperwork is submitted and we await a scheduled home visit to move forward!

2.) The amount raised so far puts us in a great place to get started in becoming active with local agencies who will share with precious birth moms about us and our desire to give a baby a home.

3.) Once the home study is complete, we will contract with these agencies IMMEDIATELY, and become “active” shortly thereafter. (All of a sudden it feels like this is really happening!)

So although the journey continues to meander, and we continue to not know what is ahead, we are SO encouraged. We remain excited. Thank you all for reading. For caring. For praying. For being on a journey with us toward home.

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